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 Kendrick Lamar:                       "I'm so passionate about Hip Hop man. Like...I don't know what era everybody else come form but I-I-I listened man...I love it so much, I can't even describe it..."
 It was in '09 that I knew I loved HipHop. J. Cole, Wale, Drake, Fashawn, The Cool Kids, Mickey Factz, Pac Div, Blu. I was hooked.
Of course, not every artist I mentioned lived up to their potential. I'm not even sure some of them still make music.
But I remember Blu, especially when he dropped his debut Below The Heavens. I remember how everyone reacted to it. They wanted to crown him the next Nas and Below The Heavens was Illmatic.
That album still bangs. I, Willie  Withers, will give you that same feeling. With this song, I Rap Like Blu.
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The Golden Manifesto


The Golden Manifesto, at its core, is the desire to become an accomplished musician.
In the song, I come off as desperate for a breakthrough. Not just in my musical ambition,but in my personal and spiritual life as well.
I had often felt like I was running in circles,and like a Hohmann transfer, I was ready to break out of the continuous loop.
But I was unsure if I actually could. That is where this song comes from.
5. Feel Like....jpg

Feel Like The Devil Really Want You Dead?


I wrote "Feel Like The Devil Really Want You Dead?" very quickly.
It was the first song I wrote after a period of writer's block. So much of life's unpleasantness was happening...I just had to spend all my time addressing it.
Even then, in my quietest moments, I would pick up my pen to write. But nothing would come. It was very disheartening, and a first for me.
I was going through a lot of obstacles, so much so that at many times, I felt like I was fighting the devil itself.
In fact, I was fighting the devil.
And I did it with God and determination. That truly is what birthed this song and its message.
For all the people facing something they feel is bigger than themselves, this is for you.